Catboat Partners

We’re Celebrating
our 26th Year!


Partners Program

In the Spring of 1987, the Catboat ” Eventide ” began taking passengers for Sailboat Rides in Hyannis Harbor and Nantucket Sound.
Since then we have prospered and shared the Joys of Sailing with over 100,000 Happy guests, due to the good will of many friends and business associates.  As part of our 21st Anniversary Celebration, Catboat Rides is offering a Partners Benefit Program to our many long time Friends and Associates.

We are Now Offering These Benefits to our Partners and their Guests :

  • $5.00 Discount/adult Catboat Ticket Vouchers, Priority Seating, Advance Reservations and Free Beverage for Children of Partners Guests.
  • Pre-Season Partner Staff Parties on the Catboat.
  • Free Catboat Rides and Priority Seating for Partners Staff.
  • Distribution of Partners Vouchers and Menus to Our Guests.
  • Promotion of our Partners by Web site Linking from and through Catboat Staff Word of Mouth.
  • We partner with organizations we know personally and have direct business contacts with.

Partners pilot program

$5 Sailboat rides discount for guests of Hyannis Holiday Motel left shown at top rear$5 Sailboat rides discount for guests of Harbor House Inn shown at top, Stern of Catboat at our dock at bottom left corner

WE ARE SEEKING additional Partners:

  • Partner Voucher offers have value of at least $5.00
  • Reciprocal offers may include vouchers for values like Dine Around Town or Dining Partners,   restaurant coupons, or $5. credit on restaurant bill, dessert voucher, $10. credit on lodging, supply of publications etc. to be distributed to over 5,000 annual guests of Catboat Rides. Each partner will have their own creative offers.
  • Partners prominently display each others Web Links
  • Partners staff are encouraged to Visit each others properties
  • Partners are encouraged to “Talk up” their co-partner with their guests
Members of the Catboat Association recieve 1/2 price Rides on the Catboat 'Eventide"Free Sailboat Rides for guests of Marston Family B&B

 Pending offers to partners :

We welcome Email  questions about Partners Program and requests for Reciprocal Web Links and Reciprocal Voucher exchanges.                      

Some of our longtime supporters include:

Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

OTHER associates:

Hy-Line Ferries to Nantucket


We recommend the High Quality of their Fine Services.

We welcome Email questions about Partners Program and/or requests for reciprocal web links and Reciprocal voucher exchanges.