Catboat-PanoramaCatboats were so named because they behave like a cat: quick, agile, well-balanced, and quiet. They were developed in the early 1800’s and used extensively around Cape Cod for all types of coastal fishing and local transport. Working catboats saw their peak use about a century ago. Catboats are now very popular for cruising and racing especially on the North East Coast of America.

The Eventide was built in Kingston, Massachusetts, in 1933—the last and largest of several big cats built by George W. Shiverick. George learned catboat building between 1890 to 1895 while working for the well known catboat builder C. C. Hanley of Monument Beach. The Mystic Seaport Museum collection includes the half model of Eventide and three Shiverick boats, including a 25-foot sloop once owned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and sailed by the former President at Campobello, Maine.