About the boat

You can truly enjoy some peace and quiet— listening only to the waves and the breeze that fills our sails, moving us along without a noisy motor

The Eventide is a Catboat class of sailboat, an authentic traditional local design. She is 34 feet long, has a wide 10 foot beam and a sloop-rigged mast 38 feet tall, assuring a steady, smooth and comfortable ride. With our centerboard up, we can sail in only 30 inches of water, allowing us to get much closer to coastal attractions than other Hyannis excursion boats.

The Eventide can operate in water as shallow as 30″ allowing our sailboat to get closer to the Kennedy compound and other attractions than the tour boats.
kennedy-compoundThe boat is in excellent condition with beautiful hand varnished teak and mahogany furnishings and secure nonskid painted decks. Passengers are welcome to move about the boat from cabin-top to cockpit or into the cabin.

All seating areas are comfortably padded and excellent back support is available in most seats. Handicapped passengers are readily accommodated in safety and comfort, however a wheelchair cannot be used on board. The clean and practical toilet and washbasin in the “head” may be used in complete comfort and privacy.